Nulia Works now includes Copilot for Microsoft 365. With this exciting addition to our Change as a Service solution, employees develop skills to use Copilot across Microsoft 365 in new and better ways, maximizing the value of Copilot & ALL of Microsoft 365.Discover more.

Change as a Service

A data-driven, platform-enabled solution that proves Microsoft 365 adoption is happening and organizational change is being sustained

Unlocks the full value of an organization’s Microsoft 365 investment, including Copilot, while guiding employees to develop the digital skills they need to realize their potential

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Change as a Service is Powered by Our Nulia Works Platform

A Robust Catalog of Outcomes & Skills to Drive Microsoft 365 Adoption

Outcomes are the core of how Nulia Works continuously drives and sustains change. Nulia Works has an ever-growing catalog of Outcomes, making it easy to get started and develop an actionable plan to align Outcomes with your specific business goals.

Our Outcomes are designed to drive change across an organization and are developed across multiple applications, utilizing the true value of Copilot & ALL of the Microsoft 365 productivity suite, creating business value through technology adoption.

Change as a Service is Led by Our Change Management Experts

Our Circle of Nulia Methodology

The Circle of Nulia methodology provides a revolutionary and proven process for driving Microsoft 365 adoption, increasing Microsoft 365 usage, and unlocking the full value of Microsoft 365 investments. 

Our Circle of Nulia methodology leverages the Nulia Works platform to enable change management experts to execute a continuous three-step adoption and change management process, using methods and tools in combination to:

  • Build a personalized adoption solution and implementation plan, focused on unlocking organizational business value while driving employee skill development
  • Assess solution performance, measuring usage of Microsoft 365 skills and evaluating progress toward attaining Outcomes and sustaining change
  • Champion the change process with experts guiding and engaging employees with fun, encouragement, recognition, and rewards all along the way

Circle of Nulia Methodology: Assess Process

    Our Assess Process leverages our Nulia Works Measure & Evaluate Pillar to provide an in-depth evaluation of an organization’s technology adoption, comparing it to established adoption goals and business value drivers. The Assess Process is based on an organization’s actual Microsoft 365 usage and identifies skills that have been developed and are being used, and uncovers new skill development opportunities and Outcome attainment goals.

Change as a Service is Driven by Our Data Insights

Nulia Works continuously gathers data on how organizations and employees are using Copilot & Microsoft 365. Our data is used to:

  • Formulate metrics to evaluate whether new Microsoft 365 skills have been developed and are being used
  • Create personalized adoption plans for each employee aligned to organizational goals
  • Guide employees with skill and activity recommendations so they develop skills and attain Outcomes
  • Provide recognition of accomplishment, making the process of change fun and rewarding
  • Ensure change is sustained, continuously assessing progress to verify skills are being used and maintained