Nulia Works

Unlock the value of Microsoft 365 in the way that works for you

Nulia Works is the pioneering Digital Enablement platform that gets users using their digital skills to realize their potential and unlock the value of Microsoft 365

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Nulia Works - The world that works

The current challenge

  • 50%of software goes unused
  • 70% of traditional solutions fail
  • $7.4M wasted by the average enterprise each year on underused software

We have a better way

Traditional solutions alone are not delivering the results organizations need – the answer is digital enablement.

Digital Enablement is platform-based, scalable, and data-driven. It supports a continuous user-focused system of real usage measurement, personalized guidance, and rewarding engagement. These differences unlock the value of organizations’ digital productivity investments, all by driving skills development and behavioral change in the flow of work.

  • 120%
    Increase of calls in Teams
  • 280%
    Increase in active synced files
  • 70%
    Increase in Team chats
  • 210%
    Increase in daily OneDrive and SharePoint shares
  • 150%
    Increase of video meetings in Teams

Nulia Works - Making Microsoft 365 work for you

Nulia Works addresses the gaps in traditional solutions through Digital Enablement, providing a better way to drive lasting change - getting people attaining, maintaining, and using new digital productivity skills in their natural flow of work. Nulia Works unlocks the trapped value of Microsoft 365 by driving usage of its features and functions across a wide range of job roles, departments, industries, and applications.

Nulia Works was purposefully built to unlock the value and enable the promise of productivity suites, such as Microsoft 365, based on three core pillars: 

Captures each user’s unique needs and continuously measures progress against goals. It is all about getting & keeping people using digital technologies in a way that works for them.